Born Pretty Store Nail Decal review and NOTD!

Hello everyone! Today I have a quick review and NOTD pic to show y ou.  Born pretty store kindly sent me a couple of items to review.  Just yesterday I received my package in the mail and was very excited to try out some of their things.  Today one of the things I’m going to review is their water decals for nails.  They apply like a dream!  All I did was cut them down to my nail size, drop them in water.  Once they stayed in there for around 2 minutes, I used tweezers to take the strip from the paper backing and put it on my nail.  I centered the decal and moved it into position.  Once the decal was completely dry I used a top coat on it and removed the excess parts of the decal with acetone.  Here’s the end result!

I think they turned out beautiful!!! This is such a feminine, girly design.  Here’s the direct link to the decals.  They’re only $1.39 with free worldwide shipping!  If you have any questions about their decals or the website, just contact me!
They also gave me a 10% off coupon code!


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