Black Dahlia Lacquer “Austin City Limits” is a keeper!

Howdy everyone! A few days ago I received my order from Black Dahlia Lacquer, and boy they didn’t disappoint!  This polish is a true stunner and has stolen a piece of my heart 🙂  Austin City Limits is a Cornflower blue with fine holographic glitters, larger holographic glitters, and copper shimmers as well.  In my opinion I think blues suit my skintone better than any other polish color I’ve tried.  Enough talking, let’s get on with the pictures!



Natural Lighting


Natural Lighting


Natural Lighting



Now here are some Sunlight shots! You should’ve seen me running around to get my camera before the clouds covered it!



I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I’m still learning the features on my new camera and hopefully I can get me a good tripod in the future.  After I put on this polish I wore it for about 3 days  and it didn’t even chip!!! I had been doing dishes and heavy cleaning, so that’s pretty awesome.  I’ve already ordered 4 more of their polishes and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.  I’ll talk to you guys soon!


One thought on “Black Dahlia Lacquer “Austin City Limits” is a keeper!

  1. Austin City Limits is definitely a winner! I love the mottled look and the holo is an added bonus. Your accents/nail art perfectly complements this polish!

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