ILNP Happily Ever After Swatch and thoughts!

Hi everyone and happy weekend!  So, I finally got my ILNP preorder in of their spring polishes and boy they didn’t disappoint!  Today I’m going to be focusing on Happily Ever After, a purple holographic polish with silver flakies in it.  In sunlight the holographic shine is very strong, and without the sunlight the Silver flakies really shine through.  Warning, this post is VERY picture heavy.  Let’s go ahead and get started with the bottle shots!




Now up for the Nail swatches!!! First let’s see how this nail polish looks with a camera flash, shall we?

This next photo is in natural light (The sun wasn’t shining that day.)

Now time for some photos of this polish in Sunlight! Yay!  Today was a beautiful spring day and I was so happy I could get some nice pictures for you all!
This is in Direct Sunlight!

Now, a indirect Sunlight shot! Check out those flakies!!!


I hope this post was helpful for you and my swatches done some justice!!! I have three more of their spring polishes to show you, but I will do it in due time.  It took me two coats to reach the opacity you see in these pictures and drying time was okay.  It seems as though this polish will last a while on the nail due to the flakies being in it. I’m on day three of wearing it, and no chips!  Thanks for reading today’s post everyone!


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