Musical Nails featuring Born Pretty BP-47!

Press Sample
Long time no see everyone!!! Sorry I’ve been on hiatus lately… I’ve been under the weather and not feeling too good.  I’m feeling great now, and this spring time weather is definitely helping.  A few weeks ago I received this plate from Born Pretty Store for review and I was stumped for a while on what kind of nail art look I wanted to do with it.  It seems that a gradient almost makes everything look great, even stamping.  What do you think of these pictures?



Can you see how well the plate is etched?! WOW! Their plates impress me everytime I use them.  If you want to get some awesome nail art supplies at affordable prices you can purchase them here. If you’re interested in buying this plate, you can buy it here.  Also don’t forget that I have a 10% off coupon when you shop there! Thanks for reading everyone!!!



2 thoughts on “Musical Nails featuring Born Pretty BP-47!

  1. Your stamping skills are phenomenal! I ordered some Born Pretty nail stamping plates a few weeks ago and am anxiously waiting for my package.

    I also love the nude holo that you used for this mani. Can you please share the polish name? Thank you!

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