KBShimmer Men are From Mars-ala Swatch and nail art!!

Hi guys, well, I figured since I was posting a bunch earlier… what’s it going to hurt if I make one more post?  So, I wore this manicure about a week ago and I absolutely love how it turned out!  This color flatters my skin so well!


I’m starting to see what all of the hype is around KBShimmer… I mean, look at this?! Is this not gorgeous???!!!  I used Born Pretty Store’s lace stamping plate for this look (I think the number is L020) and Mundo de Unas Taupe stamping polish.  I also heard that some of the images changed on this plate and after checking their website, I don’t see this image on the current version of the stamping plate.  I’m not sure why they changed it, but all of the new images on there seem to be really nice.  Sorry for the long part at the end… I know most people just want to see pictures, but I thought I would update on some things in this post as well.  Thanks for bearing with me and reading this far… See you guys soon!!

Oh, and one more thing… I need everyone’s opinion on if my nails look better squoval (like in the above pictures) or oval (like in the Born Pretty Plate reviews.)  Thanks in advance!!!


2 thoughts on “KBShimmer Men are From Mars-ala Swatch and nail art!!

  1. KBShimmer is really tempting me with some of her holos! I’m afraid to begin sliding down the slippery indie-nail-polish slope!

    I favor the squoval look on you, but honestly, your nails are beautiful in either shape!

  2. KBShimmer’s Holo’s are pretty awesome and they are what got me hooked. I think I’ve bought about 9 of her polishes so far??? I don’t see an end to it very soon either! Indie polishes are very addictive 😀
    I’m definitely thinking Squoval is definitely my go-to shape most of the time and I’ve been experimenting with oval… But for some reason I get more breakages with squoval than with oval… Hmm

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