Wet N Wild “Be More Pacific” NOTD and thoughts

Hi guys!  I hope your weekend is going great!  So, my husband and I stopped at a Dollar General the other day and I decided to browse the beauty section.  While I was looking around I stumbled upon a display of some Wet N Wild polishes for only a $1!  Can you believe that?  One Dollar.  I thought what the heck, try a few out and see what you think?  Sooo, I bought their matte top coat, Be More Pacific, Yo Soy, and Kaleidoscope (a holographic top coat.)  This polish I put on is beyond amazing!  In one coat it was opaque. I seriously think it could be a great stamping polish, but we’ll talk on that in a different post.  Anywho, let’s get to the pictures!


As you can see, I sponged on top some of Wet N Wild’s Kaleidoscope to give some depth.  For the image I used my Uber Chic stamping plates.  I just love how this turned out!!!  I have a review and video coming up soon on the stamper that I used for this, so stay tuned!  Talk to you all soon!


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