Born Pretty Store Tribal Water decal review!!!

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Wow what a day!!!  I finally am sitting down after being on my feet for what feels like hours of canning peach butter.  I hope everyone’s weekend has been great so far.  A week and a half ago I received some items from Born Pretty Store to review.  Today’s post is on some awesome decals from their website.  Let’s take a gander shall we?


These were very easy to work with!  I applied my base coat of China Glaze “Be More Pacific,” and then added the darker green polish to it for the gradient.  For my ring finger I used Orly “Mirrorball.”  While all of those polishes were drying I went ahead and got a bowl of warm water to put the decals in.  It literally only took like 15 seconds for them to come off of the paper backing.  I then aligned them on my nail and used my blow dryer to help them to mold to my nail.  Once that was done I filed off the excess and top coated all of my nails.  I think this manicure turned out so cute and is perfect for summer- which is almost over.  If you’re interested in these decals you can buy them here.  As usual I’ll have my 10% discount down below.  I hope you enjoyed this post!  I’ll talk to you all soon.


2 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store Tribal Water decal review!!!

  1. Oh my gosh. They came out great! I ordered some stuff including these decals, from them almost a month ago and still haven’t received it. How long did your order take?

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