Born Pretty Store Squishy Stamper Review!

Press Sample
Hi everyone!  Betcha didn’t expect me to be back so soon did you?  Yesterday I received a stamper to review from Born Pretty Store.  This is definitely comparable to Creative Shop’s stamper in looks and in feel.  When it arrived it had a very shiny layer on top and I could not get an image to transfer at all until I buffed it with a Magic Eraser.  Once I done that, things started to work somewhat better.

I tried multiple times with my Uber Chic plates to get a clear transfer but nothing was working.  The polishes weren’t working at all and finally I just gave up and used one of my Born Pretty Store plates.  Instant Success!  My Uber Chic plates are pretty shallow and only a stamping polish that dries slow will work with them.  I had a hard time getting images to transfer with my Creative Shop stamper and I pretty much had the same issues here.  It takes just the right roll to get a perfect transfer.

After all that is said, this stamper is amazing once it does get a clean pick up.  I used Sally Hansen Rapid Red for the image.  Below are some pictures of the stamper in action.


bornprettystamperreview2Here’s a look I done with this stamper!!!  It works great!

Out of 1 to 10 where 1 is being the worst rating, and 10 is the best, I’d have to rate this stamper a 7.  If you’re interested in purchasing this stamper for  yourself, you can buy it here!  I hope you enjoyed this review.  Sorry it was so long, I just wanted to be thorough and give how my experience went.  Don’t forget, I have a 10% off discount code below!!!


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