Nails of the Day- Mini Crosses featuring Uber Chic!

Hello again everyone!  It feels good to finally sit down and make a post.  College is going good so far.  I like the ease of the online classes, and I feel like I can focus more on my work because I’m at home and have no distractions.  Yesterday I decided to finally do some stamping.  I’ve gotten so lazy the past couple of weeks that I haven’t even wanted to paint my nails.  I had a lot of fun doing this look and it’s super easy to do as well…

The above picture was taken with flash.  I normally don’t like to use flash but it definitely captured the sparkle of the darker polish.  I used Sinful Colors “Rose Dust” for the base color, Sinful Colors “Rich in Heart” for the sponged on color, and Mundo de Unas “Taupe” for the crosses.  As for the stamped image I used Uber Chic plate 1-01.  I really love the depth of this look!!! Some more pictures are below…



I decided to throw in some pictures in sunlight.  Unfortunately it washed out the colors but oh well.  Once I get some good light bulbs I will be using my lightbox to put out more consistent photos.  What did you think of this look?  I decided to also throw in an extra photo of my  kitty Shadow down below.  He finally looked at the camera for me!

Thanks for reading everyone, and see you all soon!


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