Coral and Rose Gold nail art!

Hi everyone!  I hope your weekend is going good!  I decided to pull out some acrylic paints and play around this evening…. I never would of thought that rose gold and coral would have went together, but somehow for this mani they just work so well!!!  I used China Glaze “Chrome is Where the Heart Is” for the ring and middle finger, and Essie “Bump up the Pumps” for the coral and the roses.  I also used a maroon acrylic paint for in the middle of the roses, China Glaze “Be More Pacific” for the leaves, and Blue is acrylic paint as well.  For my acrylic paints I use Apple Barrel and they’re only .97 cents per bottle at Walmart.

Look how bright “Bump up the Pumps” is?!  It’s definitely not a winter shade even though they released it in 2014 in a winter collection.  This look definitely gets me in the mood for springtime and roses.  Thanks for looking and I’ll talk to you all in a couple of days… If I don’t give my nails a break for a couple of days from painting they’re going to start peeling from the acetone.


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