Powder Perfect Smooth Sailing Base Coat, and Presto Peel Off Base Coat Review!

Provided for Review
Hi everyone!  I have a lengthy post for you all tonight!  I hope you don’t mind reading a bit.  I’ve been a bit MIA lately and SUPER busy as well.  My father in law had hernia surgery and he’s been needing help, and this semester of college is ending May 5th.  Monday I have my Algebra final (wish me luck) and then I have a major portfolio piece I have to do for my Adobe Indesign class.  I’ll be sweating bullets for both of those things.  Anyways, I sat down today and tried out a couple of  base coats that Powder Perfect generously sent me to review.  They are amazing!  The first one I want to talk about is the Smooth Sailing Base Coat.
Please look away now lol.. My nails look hideous without polish.  They’re stained and have terrible splits in them.  Not to mention insane ridges.  I was
going to show you all a picture without the base coat on, but I didn’t want to make you all sick, so yeah…  Anywho.  This basecoat works great.  It definitely neutralized my yellowness some and smoothed out my ridges.  I normally don’t wear matte polishes or semi-matte polishes in general because my ridges are so dang bad, but I tried one out with this base coat.  And… Drumroll please….

Powder_Perfect_Nail_Care1Look ma!  No ridges here!!! Yay!
This basecoat has went above and beyond any other base coat I have ever used!  Not only did it somewhat neutralize my ugly yellow tinted nails, it also smoothed my dang ridges down too.  It’s a huge deal for me… and now I can wear my Zoya Natural Satins that have been collecting dust in my stash.  Yay!
On to the next product tonight, which is Powder Perfect’s “Presto Peel Off Base Coat.”
I have to say, this was the first time I had ever tried a peel off base coat and I didn’t know what to expect.  I painted on a thick coat at first on all of my nails and that was a major fail… It didn’t dry at all and when I put the nail polish on that I wanted to test, it was just gloopy.  I would highly recommend a thin layer and then letting it completely dry to the touch.  Once it’s dry and clear, you can then apply your glitter polish of choice.  For my glitter polish, I chose to use Powder Perfect “The Stars.”
As you can see, the picture above was when I had just applied the peel off base coat, and the tips of my nails were starting to dry.
I then applied Powder Perfect “The Stars” on top and let it dry down.
Once the glitter polish was dry, I started to peel it off.  Now, with peel off base coats, I’m not sure if it’s supposed to come off it one sheet, or if it comes off like it did on me.  It basically came off in chunks, but easily.  I would much rather use this base coat than acetone any day to get rid of glitter polish off of my nails.  I think this base coat worked great!  I wish I had used peel off base coats before so I could compare this to something else… But I’ve just never tried any others.  Also, I really wanted to do a cool YouTube video to show you how it performed, but I couldn’t find my tripod for my camera.  Oh well… maybe next time!  I hope you found this review helpful for these products.  These two base coats, and the “Mattificent Top Coat” I reviewed a few days ago are available starting today at 7 P.M. EST for the US and tomorrow April 29th at 10 AM QLD time for Australia.  The “Smooth Sailing Base Coat” retails for $10.50 AUD/$11 USD, and the “Presto Peel off Base Coat” retails for $11 AUD/$11 USD.  Thanks so much for reading today everyone, and I hope you have a great rest of the week! (Tomorrow is Friday! Yay!)

Powder Perfect’s Webiste (AUS): http://www.powderperfect.com.au/
Powder Perfect’s US Website (USA): http://www.powder-perfect.com/
Powder Perfect’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/PowderPerfectAustralia/?fref=ts


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