Cute Star Mani featuring ILNP Ten Fold!

Hey there you all!  How’s your day going?  I’ve been sick lately with bronchitis (ain’t nobody got time fo dat!) and been needing a mani that would cheer me up.  About a week ago I ordered some ILNP polishes and I received them yesterday.  I got ILNP Ten Fold, Kings and Queens, and First Class.  I rummaged through my  nail polish stash and pulled out a beautiful green from Essie that I had never put on before called Off Tropic and paired it with Ten Fold and wow, they compliment eachother so well!  For the stars I used What’s Up Nails Star Stencils.  On to the pictures!!!
And, here’s some sunlight shots!!!
ilnp_ten_fold_03ilnp_ten_fold_04ilnp_ten_fold_05I’ll be picking 2 new winners for my Essie Giveaway tomorrow, so if you entered and didn’t win you may be receiving an email from me!  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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