Press Release- Cupcake Polish Seashells Collection!


The Seashell Collection by Cupcake Polish is a 6-piece collection of gorgeous linear holographic polishes with an added twist.  Every polish in this collection is packed with iridescent glitters that really sparkle in the sun and in the shade and give these polishes that iridescent look similar to the gorgeous seashells found in nature.  Cupcake Polishes are long-wearing, full coverage, and always 5-free.  Polishes are $13 each and available at .  This collection launches on February 4th at 11am CST.

Available collection colors:
Wait and Sea – peachy orange linear holo with iridescent glitters
Sea-duction – lilac purple linear holo with iridescent glitters
Mermaid You Look – medium teal linear holo with iridescent glitters
All Washed Up – sky blue linear holo with iridescent glitters
Pier Pressure – light pink linear holo with iridescent glitters
Oh Ship! – silver linear holo with iridescent glitters

What do you all think of this collection?  I’m already eyeing a few that I want to buy!!!!  Mermaid You Look, Pier Pressure, and Oh Ship! shall be mine. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Press Release- Cupcake Polish Seashells Collection!

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