New Pahlish Shades releasing today! Swatches and Review!

Press Sample

Hi everyone!  Pahlish is releasing some gorgeous shades today (they released at 7 PM CST Tonight).  Let’s dive on into the gorgeous shades!
First up is Neverwhere.  This shade is described as a burgundy multichrome with holo flakies. This one is stunning!  I used two coats.
pahlish_nevermore_01pahlish_nevermoreNext is Shadow Moon.  This shade is described as a sheer black jelly with blue-pink duochrome shimmers and holo flakies.  I used two thick coats.
Mouse Circus is described as a sheer bronze jelly with holo flakes and a turquoise/blue/pink multichrome shimmer.
Such a pretty and unique shade!  I used two coats.
pahlish_mouse_circusHempstock is described as a spearmint jelly with red-gold multichrome shimmer and holo flakes.  I used two coats for the pictures below!
pahlish_hempstockpahlish_hempstock-2Next is my favorite from the whole collection!!!! Good Omens is described as a periwinkle with holo flakes and pink/copper multichrome shimmer.  I used two coats for the pictures below.
pahlish_good_omenspahlish_good_omens_01And last but not least is Mermaid Tears.  This shade is described as a soft minty green foil.  I used two thick coats for the pictures below.
pahlish_mermaid_tears_01pahlish_mermaid_tearsAll of these shades are live in their shop right now.  My picks out of all of them would be Mouse Circus, Good Omens, and Mermaid Tears!
Be sure to check Pahlish’s shop for all of these beauties and their Facebook for upcoming releases!  Check out my live swatch video down below of all of these pretty polishes if you’re curious how they apply.
Here’s some pretty nail art I done with Good Omens and Neverwhere. My base color is China Glaze Wanderlust and I used What’s Up Nails Butterfly Stencils.


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