Essie Summer 2017 Swatches and Review!

Hi everyone!  I bought Essie’s entire summer collection and swatched them!  I love all of the colors SO much!  Let’s start with my favorites first!
First up is S’il Vous Play which is a rose gold foil pink.  It took two coats to reach opacity!
Next is Éclair My Love which is a vibrant red with a hint of pink!  Perfect for summer!  This shade was almost a 1 coater!
Blue-La-La is a light powder blue… If that makes any sense lol… I used two coats.  Make sure you let the first coat dry before the second or you risk pulling up the first coat and having bald spots!
Next up is Sweet Soufflé which is an alabaster white with red/copper shimmers.  This shade is almost a dupe for OPI’s Oh My Majesty.  If I remember to, I’ll do a post and show the comparisons between the shades.  I used two coats on all of my fingers and then had to touch up some bald spots on my middle and ring finger.
Baguette Me Not is a pinky purple (lilac) and it took two coats for opacity.  This is the perfect color for me!!! I love it!
And lastly we have Fondant of You.  This is a vibrant orange with a hint of pink, and packed with gold and pink shimmers.  Perfect for summer!  I used 2 coats. Overlook the cat hair lol… Sometimes it can’t be helped.
Which shade was your favorite out of all of them?  I love S’il Vous Play and Éclair My Love (I have it on right now).  Check out my swatch video down below to see how these apply! Also,  Stay tuned the next few days for some nail art with these gorgeous shades!  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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