Born Pretty Store Stamping Plates review!

Press Sample
I’m back again you all!  There were also some stamping supplies that Born Pretty Store sent me as well.  Two stamping plates, a stamper and a scraper.  I really love the stamping plates, but I had issues with the stamper.  I tried the stamper without priming it and it wouldn’t pick up on fine detail and then I primed it (used a Magic Eraser to buff the top) and tried stamping and still couldn’t get fine images to pick up.  It does work on more open and large images though.  Check out the pictures below!
The stamping plates are great quality!  The only image I had issues with was the panda mommy and baby on plate BPX-L015 stamping plate.  The space is so open that I had problems getting the stamper to pick up.  All of the other images however worked great!  If you’re interested in buying these then click here  (item # 38221) and here (item # 36308)  If you’re interested in getting the cute bunny stamper (item # 38187) and scraper click here.  Thanks so much for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!


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