Born Pretty Store Water Decals review!

PR Sample
Hi everyone!  I’m really behind on this post… and by behind I mean 6 months behind.  Born Pretty Store sent me some things to review and I have been using them off and on for the whole 6 months, but I never done my reviews yet.  Let’s just dive on into the review!
The package they sent me had five sets of water decals.  I used up one set but I lost the pictures of where I used them.
I did a picture tutorial today so you can see how I applied them. Check it out below!
I really love how easy these were to use!  You get ten in each section for all ten of your fingers… or if you want you can use 1 or 2 as accent nails like I did.  I prefer using them as accent nails because it makes them last longer.  I also wanted to mention that I make sure the base coat of polish is still tacky when I apply the decal down onto my nail.  I’ve tried with completely dry polish and the decal just wouldn’t adhere to it.  For the green/teal polish I used Sinful Colors Jade Kat, also I used Wet N Wild French White cream for the base coat for my pointer and middle finger before applying the decals.  Once everything was dry I top coated with INM Out the Door Top Coat and then a coat of Wet N Wild Matte Top Coat.
Here’s another look I done a while back with some of the other decals.
The colors I used for this look are: Picture Polish Rose and China Glaze White on White.  If you’re interested in purchasing the decals (item # 33982)  mentioned in this post then click here.  Don’t forget that I also have a 10% off discount code below on non-discounted items on their website.  Thanks for reading!


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