Pahlish August realeases and Swatches!

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Hi all!  Long time no see!  I took a little break from blogging to spend time with my kiddos.  Now that they’re back in school I can get back with the program 🙂  Pahlish is releasing some real beauties Sunday August 13th at 7 PM CST.  Four of the colors are from the Afternoon Tea collection, and the other six don’t really have a theme.  Let’s dive on into the pictures shall we?

First up we have Thistle.  This is definitely one of my favorites of the collection, and I think you’ll see why!  This polish is described as a thistle blue-grey cream with multichrome red shimmer.  Uhh yeah, the multichrome red shimmers are what won my heart!  I used two coats.

Next we have Borealis.  This polish is described as a deep bruised plum with duochrome teal shimmer. Unfortunately my camera didn’t detect the duochrome nature of the polish, but trust me it’s there.  I used two coats for the pictures below.

Gilded Olive… What a beauty you are.  This polish is described as a burnished olive gold foil.  At first I wasn’t sure how this shade would look on me, but in the end I love it!  I used two coats for opacity!
Next is Chocolate Diamond.  This beauty is described as a bronze foil.  I used two easy coats for opacity.
Daughters of Triton is next up, and this polish is described as an aqua holographic with glowing purple shimmer and ultrachrome flakies.  I’m a huge fan of blue polishes, so this one didn’t disappoint!  I used two coats for the pictures!
Next is Ursula which is described as a soft garnet holographic with glowing purple shimmer and ultrachrome flakes.  This one is a stunner!  I used two coats.
Now we’re moving on to the Afternoon Tea collection.  I want to go ahead and mention that I used three coats for all of the polishes down below.  There are four polishes to talk about so let’s go right on into the first one!
Chamomile is described as a soft porcelain blue cream with delicate red shimmer and red ultrachrome flakes.  Such a soft and pretty shade! It took three thin coats to reach opacity.
Jasmine is up next and this polish is described as a soft mint green cream with teal shimmer and teal ultrachrome flakes.  Again, a beauty!  I used three coats.
Earl Grey is described as a soft greige cream with red shimmer and copper ultrachrome flakes.  I used three thin coats for opacity.  Also I wanted to make mention that Earl Grey tea is one of my favorite teas!!! 🙂

And last but not least we have Moroccan Rosebud.  This beauty is described as a soft blush cream with pink shimmer and dark purple ultrachrome flakes.  Also I wanted to mention that this polish dries a tad darker than what’s in the bottle.  I used three thin coats.
Well, there you have it!  What do you think of these new polishes releasing from Pahlish?  I think Shannon done an amazing job (as always) creating such a unique and fun collection for August.  And while I love summer, I’m kind of ready for fall.  I love the deep colors and jewel toned polishes that come out around that time… So bring it on!  Again, if you’re interested in any of these beautiful shades, they’ll be released Sunday August 13th at 7 PM CST on Pahlish’s website.  Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook page as well!  Have a great weekend!


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