Sharpie Floral Nails featuring Beauty Big Bang nail studs!

Hi everyone!  Beautybigbang reached out to me wanting me to review some of their nail-art supplies, and I said yes.  I received the package and as soon as I saw the cute little nail studs inside I knew what I wanted to do.  I also wanted to mention when I opened my package the smallest studs had leaked out and gotten everywhere and I was able to salvage some of them. What had happened was one of the studs got wedged in between the plastic lid and the base and it made a gap.  I got some new Sharpies about 2 weeks ago and had been wanting to play with them, so what better way to combine both the Sharpies and the studs to create a pretty floral look?  For the base colors I used Essie Private Weekend and Kimono-over.  For the stamping plate I used Bundle Monster BM-S183.
If you’re interested in getting the nail studs (or nail beads… whatever you want to call them!) then their item # is J1845 and also here’s a direct link to them as well.  All of their nail art items on their website is super affordable!  What do you think of this mani?  Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all soon!  Oh, and one more thing!  You can use my code “LATOYA” for 10% original priced items in their store.


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