Picture Polish Superior Nails of the Day- and Hallucinations?

Hi all! I’m still sifting through my untried polishes and this shade was one of them.  I think I might’ve used this shade in a reverse stamping manicure, but I can’t remember for sure lol.  Superior is a beautiful dusty blue and unfortunately I can’t find it in stock anywhere!!!  I’ve looked on Color4nails, (where I usually buy my Picture Polishes from) Picture Polish’s Website, and Live Love Polish.  I hope they haven’t discontinued it.  I put this manicure on a day ago and I already have a chip on my pointer finger on my left hand.  I’m so disappointed 😦 It probably happened because I’ve been doing dishes without my gloves.
Such a beautiful blue!  A little update on what’s been going on in my life….

I’ve been having visual hallucinations at night… One night I thought our cat was hanging from our chandelier. Once I came around (I was waking from dozing off) I realized that nothing was hanging on the chandelier.  Am I going crazy? LOL!  I don’t know if insomnia can cause hallucinations or not… or if it’s the polish fumes.  I have got to cut back on polishing my nails.  I keep telling myself that I’ll wear a manicure for a week, but I end up switching it out the next day.  I find comfort and relaxation by painting my nails and it helps to relieve anxiety, but the fumes cannot be good at all to inhale… Especially when I swatch a bunch of polishes all together in one sitting.  Hubby bought me a mask (it’s like a painters mask) and a fan to keep air circulating but I keep forgetting to use them.  I’m not sure if the painters mask even keeps out the fumes very well… I need to find a better one.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading  today and I’ll talk to you all soon!

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