Born Pretty Store BP-142 stamping plate review!

Hey all!  Born Pretty Store sent me an adorable plate to review!  It has cute little insects and foliage.  Here in a few days I’ll also have a couple more posts with some other fun nail-art items they sent me.  For this look I put down a base of Essie Coconut Cove, and then sponged on Picture Polish Forget Me Not, Spring, Rebelle, and Sorbet.  I then selected the images I wanted from the plate, used tape to get rid of things I didn’t want and placed the images down.  To make the stamping stick that was already dried onto the stamper I used nail foil glue.  The plate performed amazing as always!  All of their stamping plates are etched beautifully and work just as well.  On to the pictures!
I know it’s winter, but in the southern hemisphere it’s summer.  And, I’ve also been craving a colorful manicure.. so this really hit the spot!  If you’re interested in purchasing this plate, you can get it here. Also be sure to check out their store!  They always have such affordable nail-art items!  If you want a 10% discount on your order be sure to use my code UTTX31.  The code only works on non-discounted items in their store.  I also done a Youtube video showing the plate in action!  Check it out below!

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