My blog is Moving!

Hey everyone! Sorry for lack of posts, but I need to update all of you all on what’s been going on.  First of all, I came down with the flu about 3 weeks ago and still haven’t really gotten over it (my stomach is still messed up).  Secondly, I’ve hit my space limit on WordPress for uploading photos.  While I love WordPress and the ease of using it, I’m not able to place ads on my site (to generate a little income for my time) and have unlimited photo uploading space.  I’ve decided to go ahead and start a new Blogger blog.  Using Blogger I’ll be able to customize my site a lot more, have unlimited uploading space for photos… and also I’ll be able to place ads using adwords and generate a bit of money for myself.  The link to my new site is down below if you’re interested in following me on there.  If not, thank you so much for reading on here.

My new Site.

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