NOTD: Sexy Lace featuring Picture Polish Eerie and Orchid

Hi all!  Picture Polish is holding a contest on their Instagram and I decided to participate.  The theme was lace.  There are already so many beautiful designs showing up and I have no idea how Jules and her team are going to pick winners!  Everyone done such an amazing job 🙂  The rules stated that you have to use 2-5 Picture Polish shades.  One of the photos had to show the nail-art with the bottles and the other photo a stand-out of the nail art itself.  I thought about using my lace panties as a prop(not on me!), but decided not to because that would be too risky lol.  Anywho… Pictures down below!
What do you think of this look?  For the stamping I used hehe Fairytale 02 stamping plate.  I really love how this turned out 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!  If you want to see my post on IG here’s the link!  Talk to you all soon!


Fun Cut-out Lace Manicure featuring Picture Polish Gala!

Hi everyone!  I saw some cute nail-art that nailthatdesign on IG did and I decided to recreate it.  My  Moyra stamping plates (I only own 2) have been collecting dust so I decided to pull out my Lace one from them and give it a whirl.  This look is sooo fun!  I filed the tops of my nails to get rid of staining I had (I know, I know it’s really bad for you to do that) so I could do a negative space look with the lace.  I put down a coat of my Nailtiques Formula 2 base coat (it has proteins in it that strengthens your nails), and then a coat of top coat, and then I stamped on top.  To get the crisp lines I used What’s Up Nails Wide Straight Tape.  Gala is so opaque that it covered the lace in nearly one coat!
What do you think of this look?  Is this something you would wear?  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!!!

Fancy Filigree stamping over ILNP Close Knit!

Hi all! I decided to add some stamping to ILNP Close-Knit!  I wanted to do a stamping look that wouldn’t cover up the gorgeous holo shine of this look so I decided to do a black negative space design from Uber Chic Beauty’s 7-03 stamping plate.  I haven’t pulled out my Uber Chic stamping plates in forever, so it was nice to sift through them and pick something out to use.  I really really love how this turned out, and I hope you do too!
This polish has quickly went up my list in my top 10 fall polishes for this year so far.  I am SO in love with it!  Look at the gold shimmers in there!  Well, it’s time for bed… I’ve been taking yucky antibiotics to get well again, and they  have some nasty side-effects.  Hopefully I feel 100% once I’m done with them though.  Talk to you all soon!

NOTD- ILNP Close Knit

Hi everyone!  How are you all?  I’ve been better personally…  The past couple of days have been bad to say the least.  Two days ago I had to go to the ER for severe Endometriosis pain and fainting/vomiting from it (and on top of that they said I had a UTI)… And then yesterday I had a pounding migraine.  Today my body just feels drained.  I finally felt well enough to change out my manicure and try out one of my new ILNP Polishes from their fall collection.
ILNP’s website says that Close Knit is “Packed with an array of over-sized ultra-holographic micro-flakes for an incredible sparkle and carefully accented with a striking gold shimmer, Close Knit is a perfectly warm and refined pink beauty that packs a serious punch!”  I agree with everything that description says!  It was opaque in 2 coats and dried in decent time.  Check out my pictures below!
What do you think of this color?  I’m very tempted to place another order on their website… There were a couple more from the fall collection that was on my wishlist.  Thanks so much for reading today and I’ll talk to you soon!

Picture Polish Superior Nails of the Day- and Hallucinations?

Hi all! I’m still sifting through my untried polishes and this shade was one of them.  I think I might’ve used this shade in a reverse stamping manicure, but I can’t remember for sure lol.  Superior is a beautiful dusty blue and unfortunately I can’t find it in stock anywhere!!!  I’ve looked on Color4nails, (where I usually buy my Picture Polishes from) Picture Polish’s Website, and Live Love Polish.  I hope they haven’t discontinued it.  I put this manicure on a day ago and I already have a chip on my pointer finger on my left hand.  I’m so disappointed 😦 It probably happened because I’ve been doing dishes without my gloves.
Such a beautiful blue!  A little update on what’s been going on in my life….

I’ve been having visual hallucinations at night… One night I thought our cat was hanging from our chandelier. Once I came around (I was waking from dozing off) I realized that nothing was hanging on the chandelier.  Am I going crazy? LOL!  I don’t know if insomnia can cause hallucinations or not… or if it’s the polish fumes.  I have got to cut back on polishing my nails.  I keep telling myself that I’ll wear a manicure for a week, but I end up switching it out the next day.  I find comfort and relaxation by painting my nails and it helps to relieve anxiety, but the fumes cannot be good at all to inhale… Especially when I swatch a bunch of polishes all together in one sitting.  Hubby bought me a mask (it’s like a painters mask) and a fan to keep air circulating but I keep forgetting to use them.  I’m not sure if the painters mask even keeps out the fumes very well… I need to find a better one.  Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading  today and I’ll talk to you all soon!

Pahlish Polish Con Exclusives Swatches and Review!

Press Sample
Hi all!  Another Pahlish post!  Polish Con is coming up soon and I was sent a few shades that are going to be exclusive to the event in Chicago!  All three went on smoothly and evenly in two coats.  Let’s start out with my favorite of the three!
This shade is called Bluesmobile and is described as a sheer violet with holographic pigment and orange to green chameleon glitters.  Such a unique and pretty purple!
Next is Jake & Elwood.  This shade is described as a deep blackened violet jelly with rose gold metallic flakes and rainbow chameleon flakes. The perfect shade for fall!And last but not least, we have The Penguin by Pahlish.  This shade is described as a soft greyish white with orange and violet sparks and scattered holographic pigment.  I love heather gray shades!  This one is so pretty!
There you have it!  Which shade was your favorite?  These will be available at Polish Con in Chicago on September 23rd and what’s left over will be available on the Pahlish website afterwards.  Be sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date on new releases and swatches!  Thanks for reading!

Pahlish September Releases Swatches and Review!

Press Sample
Hi everyone!  Pahlish has some gorgeous Fall colors coming out this Sunday September 10th at 7 PM CST!  There are varying finishes and colors, so lets dive on into the pictures shall we?
Let’s begin with the Orphan Black Duo!  First up is Castor.  This shade is described as an olive cream with red to green multichrome shimmer.  It took two coats to reach full opacity.  This shade is SO unique and pretty!
Next up is Leda from the Orphan Black Duo!  This shade is described as a sheer black with rose gold foil flakes and holographic flakes.  This shade was opaque in 2 coats!
Next is Pumpkin Carriage!  This gorgeous orange is described as rusted pumpkin jelly with holographic flakes and copper sparks.  It was opaque in 2 coats and is perfect for fall!  I’m actually craving a pumpkin spice latte now lol!

Next up is Hypnos.  This shade is described as a lavender mauve cream with red to green multichrome shimmer. So so stunning!  It only took 2 coats to reach opacity!
U-Pick is described as a deep blackberry jelly with holographic flakes, multichrome chameleon flakes, and orange chameleon glitters.  I done two easy coats for this gorgeous shade!!!
Wavelength is described as a bright ultramarine blue jelly with red shimmer and holographic flakes. This shade is seriously drop dead gorgeous!!! If you get any shades, get this one! It was opaque in 1 coat!

And last but not least we have Equinox!  This shade is described as a sheer plum with red-gold multichrome shimmer and holographic flakes. I used two coats for this stunner polish!

If you want to see them in action, check out my swatch video of them!

There you have it!!!  Which color was your favorite?  Are you going to get any?  Be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss the date!  These will be available September 10th at 7 PM CST on Pahlish’s website!
Don’t forget to like their Instagram and Facebook page!