My blog is Moving!

Hey everyone! Sorry for lack of posts, but I need to update all of you all on what’s been going on.  First of all, I came down with the flu about 3 weeks ago and still haven’t really gotten over it (my stomach is still messed up).  Secondly, I’ve hit my space limit on WordPress for uploading photos.  While I love WordPress and the ease of using it, I’m not able to place ads on my site (to generate a little income for my time) and have unlimited photo uploading space.  I’ve decided to go ahead and start a new Blogger blog.  Using Blogger I’ll be able to customize my site a lot more, have unlimited uploading space for photos… and also I’ll be able to place ads using adwords and generate a bit of money for myself.  The link to my new site is down below if you’re interested in following me on there.  If not, thank you so much for reading on here.

My new Site.

Born Pretty Store BP-142 stamping plate review!

Hey all!  Born Pretty Store sent me an adorable plate to review!  It has cute little insects and foliage.  Here in a few days I’ll also have a couple more posts with some other fun nail-art items they sent me.  For this look I put down a base of Essie Coconut Cove, and then sponged on Picture Polish Forget Me Not, Spring, Rebelle, and Sorbet.  I then selected the images I wanted from the plate, used tape to get rid of things I didn’t want and placed the images down.  To make the stamping stick that was already dried onto the stamper I used nail foil glue.  The plate performed amazing as always!  All of their stamping plates are etched beautifully and work just as well.  On to the pictures!
I know it’s winter, but in the southern hemisphere it’s summer.  And, I’ve also been craving a colorful manicure.. so this really hit the spot!  If you’re interested in purchasing this plate, you can get it here. Also be sure to check out their store!  They always have such affordable nail-art items!  If you want a 10% discount on your order be sure to use my code UTTX31.  The code only works on non-discounted items in their store.  I also done a Youtube video showing the plate in action!  Check it out below!

Pahlish Black Friday Swatches and Review

PR Sample
Hey all! *Waves*  I’m so sorry I’ve been missing lately.  I finally got better from my sickness and then I got a huge package in the mail from Pahlish.  They sent me 14 nail polishes to swatch for you all, so I took my time and spread it out over a few days to do the pictures.  I also made a swatch video which I’ll embed at the end of this post.
All of  these polishes will be available for preorder on Black Friday (tonight at midnight) until midnight on November 27th.  The polishes will be $9 a piece or buy the whole set for $105.  This collection is inspired by The 12 Days of Christmas and let me tell you… Shannon absolutely knocked it out of the park with every single one of these shades!!! Also, stay tuned to the end to see some comparison pictures!  Let’s dive on in to the gorgeous polishes!
First up we have Partridge in a Pear Tree.  This shade is described as a soft taupe cream with a mix of holo flakes, red and green shimmers, and pink and orange multichrome flakes.  I used two thick coats, but if you use thinner coats you may need three.

Next up is Two Turtle Doves. This shade is described as a soft grey cream with blue to pink multichrome shimmer and scattered holo flakes. Such a unique beauty!  I used two coats for the photos below!

Three French Hens is next and it’s described as an  deep oxblood red with olive green to violet multichrome shimmer.  I used two coats for the pictures below.

Four Calling Birds is described as a sheer violet with bronze to green multichrome shimmer and ultrafine holographic glitter. This one is one of my favorites! I used two coats for the pictures below!

Up next is Five Rose Gold Rings and this is described as a soft rose gold foil with a mix of pink and gold foil pigments. I used two coats for this beauty!!

Six Geese a Laying is described as a rich brown with a mix of holo flakes, violet shimmer, and pink and orange multichrome flakes.  I used two thick coats… but if you do thin coats you’ll need three.

Seven Swans a Swimming is up next and this shade is described as a deep blue with red shimmer, violet multichrome flakes, and deep purple ultrachrome flakes. I used two coats for the photos!

Eight Maids a Milking is next and this shade is described as a soft violet jelly with holo flakes, violet shimmer, small iridescent violet glitters, and pink and violet multichrome flakes.  I used two thick coats, but if you do thin coats you may need three for opacity.  This one is another one of my favorites!

Next in line is Nine Ladies Dancing.  This shade is described as a deep strawberry red with holographic shimmer, small iridescent violet glitters, violet shimmer, and violet multichrome flakes.  Such a gorgeous a vibrant red! I used two coats.

Ten Lords a Leaping is up next and this shade is described as a bright silver with a mix of ultrafine holographic glitter, holographic pigments, and multicolored glassfleck shimmers. I used three thin coats for opacity. Unfortunately I forgot to take a macro of this beauty!
Next is Eleven Pipers Piping and this shade is described as a deep ivy green with turquoise/pink/green multichrome shimmer.  I used two coats for the photos!

And last but not least is Twelve Drummers Drumming!  This shade is described as a warm purple jelly with a mix of multichrome and ultrachrome flakes with small iridescent violet glitters.  I used two thick coats for the pictures! Again, I forgot to take a macro lol..
Next up is the Gift with Purchase polishes!
Mouse King is free with orders $50 or more and is described as a soft medium grey with a mix of iridescent glitters, multichrome flakes, and holographic flakes.  Such a gorgeous grey!  I used two coats!
Tangled Tinsel is next and is free with a $75 or more purchase.  This shade is to die for!  This shade is described as a bright turquoise jelly with a mix of holographic flakes and shimmer with assorted multichrome flakes.  I used two thick coats… but again, if you use thin coats you’ll probably need three.

There you have it!!! Aren’t all of the shades gorgeous?!  If you spend $50 or more you get free shipping, and if you buy internationally you get free shipping with a $100 order.  They’ll also have lots of older shades available for purchase and they’ll all be discounted accordingly.  Now, on to the comparison photos!!!

Check out Pahlish’s shop to see more swatches, and to buy all of the pretty shades coming available!  Also don’t forget to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages as well!  If you want to see how these gorgeous shades apply, check out my swatch video on Youtube below!!!

Cute Winter Manicure using MoYou Scandi 10 Stamping plate!

Howdy all!  I said I’d be back soon!  I really really love how my current mani turned out!  MoYou makes some very interesting and pretty plates and the Scandi collection by them is no exception!  I used a whole bunch of polishes for the reverse stamping such as… Zoya August (as a base color and for the stamping), Merida, Bevin, and Wyatt(For the trees)… Essie Coconut Cove and Mochacino(For stamping and filling in the mountains), Cirque Colors Storm King (For the clouds), and Sinful Colors Unicorn for the sun.  Reverse stamping is time consuming, but it is SO worth the work in the end!  Check out the pictures below!

What do you think of this mani?  Is this something you would try?  Thank you all for reading and subscribing to my blog. It really does mean a lot to me!

Where I’ve Been and some past NOTD’s!!!

Hi all!!! Phew… Sorry for my hiatus.  I’ve been pretty sick the past 2 weeks and am still trying to get over whatever this is.  I’ve not been doing very many manicures because I’ve been too exhausted/tired from coughing like crazy.  My whole body is sore from it!  My Dr. said I didn’t have pneumonia or bronchitis (she listened to my chest) but she prescribed me antibiotics to prevent anything from getting worse.  After looking online and studying about bronchitis and pneumonia I’ve learned that antibiotics don’t help bronchitis but they do pneumonia.  I don’t have a fever or anything… just a cough that produces a ton of mucus and makes it really hard to breathe.  Anywho… I done a little bit of nail-art and manicures throughout my sickness so I figured I would share them!  Check them out below!

As you can tell.. my nails are round now.  I just find them easier to deal with than squares.  For the first look I shared (the cacti one) I used MoYou Hipster 16 stamping plate, and Pahlish Unwound Future and Snapdragon.  The second photo is Pahlish Pompadour, and the last picture is a colorblock manicure I done yesterday (or the day before yesterday) with Cirque Storm King, China Glaze Make an Entrance, and Salon Perfect Nine Lives.  I hope you enjoyed this post!!! Stay tuned tomorrow, I have a new MoYou London stamping plate I’m going to play with tonight and I’ll share the nail-art with you all once it’s done!

Pahlish This is Holo-ween! swatches and review

PR Sample
Hi there everyone!!! Pahlish has some gorgeous shades that released today on preorder!  This is an 8 piece limited edition collection and it won’t be available again after 11/1.    All of the shades are $11 a piece or buy the set for $80.  Also, if you buy the full set, you get a surprise Trick or Treat bespoke batch exclusive to this event!  Preorders will begin shipping on 10/18.  Let’s jump on into the swatches!

First up we have Deadly Nightshade- a  royal purple linear holographic with multichrome blue to pink shimmer.  This gorgeous polish was opaque in two coats.  There are gorgeous blue shimmers if you look closely at my picture.
Next up we have Frog’s Breath- a bright olive linear holographic with multichrome red to green shimmer.  This is one of my favorites from the collection.  It was opaque in 2 coats.

Next up we have Pumpkin King- a warm rust linear holographic with multichrome purple to gold shimmer.  Such a beautiful shade! This was opaque in 2 coats.

Next is Ride With The Moon- a pale blue scattered holographic with pink and orange chameleon flakes and shimmer.  This shade is just everything!!! Ugh! I love it soo much.  It was opaque in two easy coats.
Next is What’s This?!- a soft orchid pink scattered holographic with muticolored chameleon flakes and shimmer. I used two easy coats.  All of the formulas to these holos are amazing!
Oogie Boogie is Next and it’s described as a soft grey scattered holographic with green/teal chameleon flakes and shimmer. I used two coats for the photo!

Next up is Lock, Shock, and Barrel- a sheer grey scattered holographic with red and purple multichrome shimmers.  This gorgeous shade was opaque in two beautiful coats.
And last but not least we have Sandy Claws, another one of my favorites.  This shade is described as an oxblood scattered holographic with blue to pink multichrome shimmer. I used two coats!  Make sure you top coat this one, it dries down a bit matte/dull.
There you have it!  All of the shades are super duper gorgeous and sparkly!  These are available right now for preorder in Pahlish’s shop until 10/21 midnight central time.  Be sure to check out Pahlish’s IG and Facebook!  If my pictures weren’t enough to get you to order some, check out my swatch video of them down below!!!  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!

NOTD- Il Etait Un Vernis Teach Me Tonight

Hi all!!! *Waves* Ugh, it feels like forever since I’ve posted!  I have a few posts to share with you in the next few days.  Lately I’ve been craving vampy deep colors because you know… Fall is here.  I sifted through my bin of 100’s of polishes and pulled out Teach Me Tonight by Il Etait Un Vernis.  I bought this polish about 6 or 7 months ago, but am just now getting around to wearing it.  I think I tried it on when I first got it, but my camera wouldn’t cooperate for photos so I took it off.  Now that I have a really good lighting set up, I figured I’d give it another go and see what happened with the pictures.  All I have to say is wow!!!  I can’t believe how well my camera picked up the red shimmers in the deep blackened purple base along with the scattered holo.  This morning I decided to try and make my mani a little bit more fancy by making some half moons and adding glitter along the line.  I really love how this turned out! First let’s look at the polish itself.
Isn’t this color stunning?!  Of course… Knowing me, I can’t just leave it there. I have to change it somehow or do nail-art with it lol.
What do you think of the nailart?  I know my hand pose is weird there.. But I was too lazy to set up my tripod and everything.  Would you try this look?  Stay tuned for some gorgeous shades that Pahlish is releasing this Sunday coming up.  Talk to you all soon!

NOTD: Sexy Lace featuring Picture Polish Eerie and Orchid

Hi all!  Picture Polish is holding a contest on their Instagram and I decided to participate.  The theme was lace.  There are already so many beautiful designs showing up and I have no idea how Jules and her team are going to pick winners!  Everyone done such an amazing job 🙂  The rules stated that you have to use 2-5 Picture Polish shades.  One of the photos had to show the nail-art with the bottles and the other photo a stand-out of the nail art itself.  I thought about using my lace panties as a prop(not on me!), but decided not to because that would be too risky lol.  Anywho… Pictures down below!
What do you think of this look?  For the stamping I used hehe Fairytale 02 stamping plate.  I really love how this turned out 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!  If you want to see my post on IG here’s the link!  Talk to you all soon!

Fun Cut-out Lace Manicure featuring Picture Polish Gala!

Hi everyone!  I saw some cute nail-art that nailthatdesign on IG did and I decided to recreate it.  My  Moyra stamping plates (I only own 2) have been collecting dust so I decided to pull out my Lace one from them and give it a whirl.  This look is sooo fun!  I filed the tops of my nails to get rid of staining I had (I know, I know it’s really bad for you to do that) so I could do a negative space look with the lace.  I put down a coat of my Nailtiques Formula 2 base coat (it has proteins in it that strengthens your nails), and then a coat of top coat, and then I stamped on top.  To get the crisp lines I used What’s Up Nails Wide Straight Tape.  Gala is so opaque that it covered the lace in nearly one coat!
What do you think of this look?  Is this something you would wear?  Thanks for reading today and I’ll talk to you all soon!!!

Fancy Filigree stamping over ILNP Close Knit!

Hi all! I decided to add some stamping to ILNP Close-Knit!  I wanted to do a stamping look that wouldn’t cover up the gorgeous holo shine of this look so I decided to do a black negative space design from Uber Chic Beauty’s 7-03 stamping plate.  I haven’t pulled out my Uber Chic stamping plates in forever, so it was nice to sift through them and pick something out to use.  I really really love how this turned out, and I hope you do too!
This polish has quickly went up my list in my top 10 fall polishes for this year so far.  I am SO in love with it!  Look at the gold shimmers in there!  Well, it’s time for bed… I’ve been taking yucky antibiotics to get well again, and they  have some nasty side-effects.  Hopefully I feel 100% once I’m done with them though.  Talk to you all soon!